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Personalised NAKASENDO hiking

Great hiking trail on Nakasendo for 2 days! *AGE RESTRICTION APPLIES

Service Description

Nakasendo was one of two main routes connecting Tokyo and Kyoto during Edo period when samurai warriors were still active. Unlike another route going along the seacoast, Nakasendo runs through mountainous areas. Kiso, the deep forest area going along the Kiso River, retains an amazing old-fashioned atmosphere taking us back to a few centuries ago in Japan. On this tour, we will enjoy nature walking, the country's history, and local culture with our enthusiastic guide! Why not you experience local life while staying at a local inn? Soak in a traditional bathtub and enjoy seasonal local delicacies! *A HIKING TRAIL FOR INTERMEDIATE *THIS TOUR IS 12 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE *THE TOUR WILL BE CANCELLED IN CASE OF HEAVY RAIN, TYPHOON or AN AVOIDABLE(UNAVOIDABLE?) WEATHER CONDITION *Your accommodation can be arranged in cooperation with our reliable travel agent. <ITINERARY> DAY1: 9:40-17:00 Meet at NAGOYA Station ↓ Take an express train to NAKATSUGAWA ↓ Bus to MAGOME ↓ NAKASENDO Walk to; ↓ TSUMAGO ↓ NAGISO TOWN MUSEUM (The day 1 ends in TSUMAGO ) DAY2: 8:45-18:07 Meet at YOUR HOTEL in TSUMAGO ↓ NAKASENDO walk to; ↓ NAGISO ↓ Take a train to YABUHARA ↓ NAKASENDO walk to; ↓ NARAI ↓ Train to KISO FUKUSHIMA ↓ Back to NAGOYA on an express train (The tour ends in NAGOYA Station ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Everyday (April to November) -Meet at NAGOYA Station -The tour ends at NAGOYA Station on Day 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Price: 28,000yen (per person) *Included: Admission to Nagiso Town Museum( Wakihonjin Okuya History Museum), Guiding fee *Not included: Local transport from/to NAGOYA (About 9,500 yen per person for 2 days), Meals & drinks, accommodation, insurance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Up to 4 people (minimum 2 people) -Private tour ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <CANCELLATION POLICY> -50% REFUND ... 72 hours prior to the meeting time -NO REFUND ... Less than 24 hours before the meeting time -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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